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It's Hotting Up

charlie | 22.03.2007 01:02 | Climate Camp 2006 | Ecology | Education

A quick update from one of the Spring Into Action attendees.

Spring into Action is nearly upon us (5th - 11th April). The public meetings on Tuesday evenings from 8 til 10 at the Sumac Centre have enjoyed a significant turnout of people from diverse backgrounds, who really want to take positive action in addressing climate change issues.

There are going to be lots of interesting workshops and events, where we can all learn how to make a difference in our own lives and the very future of the planet. It begins with you and the influence you can extend to others. Together we can make some real changes.

In ancient tribal society it is said that they used to consider 7 generations ahead of them, I do not see much of that happening at the moment. From my perspective (and this is not necessarily the view shared by others), we have given our personal power away to an entity that has the nerve to call itself a government, whose members are so wrapped up in their own self serving ends, cheating the people at every turn. They do not have our best interests at heart and I for one do not accept them as an authority over me. I believe you should do the same and take positive steps to shape your own destiny, and help create a bright future for those who are to follow.

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