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Channel 4 reported on Radley lakes injunctions

kriptick | 21.03.2007 03:07 | Ecology | Other Press | Repression | Oxford

Channel 4 news covered the protests against Npower's dumping of toxic power station waste into an Oxfordshire lake tonight.

I wasn't able to find the record button soon enough to include their intro to the piece so you may want to read the background to this story here:
Channel 4 picked up well on the outrageous injunctions being served on anyone photographing or filming the destruction of the environment going on there - risking injunction themselves. They also emphasised that everyone watching the report could be injuncted too. The only irritating point was that they blanked the face of the scumbag pinstriped lawyer who was marching around the lake shore thrusting injunctions at everything that moves. So apologies for reposting a mainstream media report here but I thought I'd see if I could get these corporate shitheads to injunct myself and everyone browsing indymedia. Go on you corrupt bastards!




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