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York Vikings go berserk over Trident

imc uk | 19.03.2007 11:28 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

A twelve strong group from York, dressed as Vikings, have successfully blockaded both entrances to the Faslane nuclear submarine base. The coordinated action completely closed the base for half an hour this morning. Four men and eight women were arrested in the peaceful protest.

One of the protesters, Richard Lane, said "The Vikings slaughtered tens of thousands of people but they did so over half a millennium. Trident could do the same in a minute." Dave Taylor of York Green Party said "Whatever happened to the ethical foreign policy that New Labour once promised?" "There is nothing ethical about spending billions of pounds on weapons that the human race cannot afford to use," he added.

The base is subject to a year long campaign rejecting nuclear weapons and, in particular, the renewal of Trident. This has attracted a lot of international support. So far, nearly 600 people from all over the world have been arrested in as many actions and blockades.

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19.03.2007 11:37

some photos from today's action



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