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New mini cagesw for shopping centres and else where.

Concerned | 15.03.2007 15:42 | Repression | London

'Shopping centre jails' and widespread DNA testing planned

UK Daily Mail
Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shoplifters, people whose dogs foul the pavement, litter droppers, speeding drivers and those caught not wearing a seat belt could be fingerprinted or forced to give DNA under new Home Office proposals.

could this be you?
could this be you?

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15.03.2007 16:21

If you are silly enough to believe anything at all on that stupid site, let alone them reposting the daily mail, then lord help you!

No one excpet the police have the right to incarcerate you for misdemeanors. And even then there are many they aren't allowed to jail you for.

If it was written in that filthy rag and reposted by those right-wing nutters, I'll sleep soundly safe in the knowledge it's total rubbish.


Actually they're right

15.03.2007 19:00

The same story was on the front page of the Guardian today - a paper I have some trust in - and cited a Home Office consultation paper as it's source. The proposal was for the police to operate small holding cells in shopping centres that they could hold people for 4 hours in. Talks have opened to test the proposal in Selfridges on Oxford Street, London, apparrently. They will be "smaller than normal cells and made of Perspex so that suspects are visible". The Police State looms...


Tireless Eccentric

silly sights

15.03.2007 19:11

Police cells plan for Selfridges

"It is thought the Met wants to convert old staff offices into cells for shoplifters and credit card fraudsters who commit crimes on Oxford Street."

Are you happy to be sleeping it off in a supermarket full of gawping shop-assistants once your girlfriend drops a pair of knickers in your pocket because you disrespected her car ? It's really hard to judge your own sanity in this country anymore when the whole place is so freaking mad.



15.03.2007 19:53

How long before public flogging or hanging makes a comeback? This just softens the public up for that type of shit to be brought back and accepted methinks.



16.03.2007 08:10

There are big differences between the BBC and Daily Mail stories.

Makes you wonder what lies behind the Daily Mail story.

The Daily Mail as I said aren't exactly the sort of paper normal non-rightwing, non-racist people trust.

Pretty much like the website that decided to repost it.


Prisoners to be put in cargo containers

19.03.2007 23:19,,2036774,00.html

I suppose a shop cell is better than the cargo container prisons coming in June.