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KIibera: This World Is Not Your Home?

J Peace International | 13.03.2007 19:28 | Culture | Education | Social Struggles | World

A region bordering Ngong Forest Reserve in the western part of Kenya's capital city Nairobi is now a big media hit. After a few prominent "rescue visits" from popular society.

Kibera Drive Times
Kibera Drive Times

OK nothing wrong with that per se. What is wrong from a community perspective is the norm dependency on 'money as end product“ mentality.

Local community groups, businesses and individuals of all wallet sizes have contributed greatly to the survival of Kibera's neglected and abused population.

The Kenyatta government decision to allocate squatter land for the homeless/landless Kenyan including the Sudanesse Nubian communuty will benefit greatly if the current Kibera youth population
is not kept out of the "Kibera Homestead".

A generation raised and departed remembers Kibera as the only place in Nairobi one could blend both old and new technology with old and new traditions that worked.

Laziness, Ignorance and Pride will continue to drain the lifeblood from this "poor man's" paradise.

Human friendly education and informed positive local action could be revived at such a time as this.

Thank you for your prayers.


J Peace International


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Kibera: This World Is Not Your Home?

13.03.2007 19:42

Re: title correction thanks

J Peace