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Update from Greece: Ongoing repression, tear gas and arrests

LA | 09.03.2007 00:16 | Education | Repression | World

The police keeps provoking against the students' protest, a situation that has started earlier in the afternoon, as the new law for the University structure was being voted in the parliament

Reports from the Athens police Heardquarters say that all of the 62 temporary detainees will be considered as arrestees. There is a widespread terror imposed on the arrestees, even 1st-year undergraduate girls have been accused for social disturbance. 45 people had to go to the hospital since they were injured. The police and the Public Prosecutor are very provocative, not allowing the arrestees to meet their lawyers. Also, 5 injured detainees, students in Chemical Engineering, are not allowed to go to the hospital.

Riots spread in Thessaloniki city as well, followin a spontaneous solidarity march that took place, in protest for the repression that had taken place in Athens. Currently the riot police is spraying tear gas towards the university and the students in the Thessaloniki Polytechnic Faculty are suffering. The student radio 1431AM is reporting that the gas is everywhere in the corridors. Hundreds of students are trying to escape the gas, some of them into rooms or on the roof. One male student is in hospital in Thessaloniki
The radios speakers say they are confident we are facing the first implications of the new legislation, that has led to dictatorship



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