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RELOCATION TO NEW VENUE for Vortex International Womens Day 8th March

marakula | 07.03.2007 12:09 | Free Spaces | Gender | Social Struggles | London

As the Vortex was evicted yesterday (tuesday) we are relocating our events programme for International Womens Day on thursday 8th March to a local community centre.

On Tuesday 6th March The Vortex Social Centre was evicted. The spirit of the place lives on, most immediately in our relocation of the events for International Womens Day. With the help of the local Kurdish and Turkish communities, we have relocated a scaled-down programme of events on Thursday 8th March 2007.

In an act of solidarity the IMSC on nearby Tyssen Road, N16 have made their community centre available as women-only space for our event.

Workshops on DJing, self-defence, assertiveness, dreams and political music will be running as well as live music and food and refreshments.


IMSC, Tyssen Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16

Please come along and show solidarity for the temporarily exiled Vortex project as well as with women all over the world and in your neighbourhood.

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