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Ungdomshuset support demo?

sprite | 06.03.2007 22:09 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London | Sheffield

As I'm sure you are all aware, the Ungdomshuset social centre in Copenhagen has now been evicted and demonstrations are going on all over Denmark and across Europe. Is anyone interesting in a London demo?

Some of you may be aware of Ungdomshuset ('Youth House') social centre located
in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Youth House has provided a fantastic centre for all
forms of alternative culture in Copenhagen for the past 24 years, with regular
film, art, music and workshop events, and an important focal point for the
surrounding community. The building itself was built by a local workers
movement, over a century ago, to function as a base in the struggle for social
justice, with many local workers unions using the centre as their base. In the
80's, the City council gave the building to the occupants.

However, in 2001, it was sold to an evangelical Christian sect (Faderhuset), who
ordered a mass eviction over this weekend just gone. The occupants tried to
hang onto the building for as long as possible, but tensions are high, and
there have been some running battles with the police and reports of police
violence. There has been huge support for the Youth Centre with literally
thousands of Danish youths demonstrating in the streets. However, there have
also been a very large number of arrests, at least 300+ on the first day.

The building has pretty much now been demolished, but the global day of action
is this Saturday, and basically a few of us are trying to organise a demo
outside the Danish Embassy in London on the saturday, but are just wondering if
there are enough people who would be interested in coming down?

Please message below if you would be interested, and we could try and organise something.

Many thanks, and take care.



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