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Vortex Eviction

riotact | 06.03.2007 10:11 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

The ex-Vortex Social Centre in Stoke Newington was evicted this morning. Bailiffs arrived at 5.30, with several police vans in attendance and proceeded to break down the door.

Although most people were quickly removed from the building one valiant soul hid in the attic and it was over an hour later that the police and bailiffs completely occupied the premises.

Many local people got out of bed and braved the rain to offer support and help retrieve equipment. The bailiffs refused to allow anyone to re-enter the building to collect personal possessions until it was pointed out that the residents had a legal right to leave with their belongings.

After a brief stand off during which local hate figure and arch-bastard Richard Midda threatened to come down to the building to negotiate the bailiffs finally agreed to bring out most of the equipment remaining in the building. Several people howeverare still waiting for their clothes and other personal possessions.

No arrests were made during the eviction.

It seems that Midda bottled out of a chance to speak to the squatters and locals about his actions and his plans for the building.

So it seems that parasitic landlord Midda's long term plans for the Vortex remain unclear however in the short term it seems the building will be occupied by 24 hour security. A call has gone out to respect the security guard's peace and quiet, no banging on the door at 2am and absolutely no attempts to hound them out of Stoke Newington like the cowardly dogs they are.

Morale remains high and Stoke Newington may see another Social Centre soon, meanwhile the campaign to keep the ex-Vortex building for community use will continue.

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  1. sorry to hear — squat_the_world
  2. The Vortex is dead, long live the Vortex! — Down with boredom
  3. Oh no- not again! — Mike