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Mailstorm for Ungdomshuset in Denmark

Ungeren69 | 04.03.2007 18:39 | Free Spaces | Repression | World

Activists has started a mailstorm to push the politicians in Denmark to find a solution to the eviction of Ungdomshuset at Jagtvej 69.

Activists has just started a new hope for a peaceful solution to the riots in copenhagen. You can read the intiative here:

Mailstorm against Ritt Bjerregaard (mayor in Copenhagen)

The fight for Ungeren is now being fought on all fronts. Both peacefull and violent ones.
A new campaign gives people both near and far away from Copenhagen an option to protest peacefully for a political solution.

It is now that the fight has to be fought for Ungeren and it is now that all forms of activism has to be put forth. The fight for Ungeren isn't only for the people fighting in the streets, but also for those that believe in a more peacefull form of political solution. So grab your pens and lets make a mailstorm against Ritt Bjerregaard where we express our opinions. It is now that we will make it clear to her that we all support Ungerens existence and that we want a political solution. This isn't really a matter for the police. That's why we want to encourage you all to send a letter (or several) to:

Ritt Bjerregaard
1599 Kbh V

or send an email:

REMEMBER: don't be insulting or overdo it unless you really wish to undermine Ungeren. Express your opinion and take part in pushing the politicians in the right direction.

The fight goes on, in all shapes and forms.



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