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announcement of Bath Climate Camp

Happy camper | 04.03.2007 11:01 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | South Coast

Bath Activist Network has begun organising a climate camp to be held between thursday the 19th and sunday the 22nd of April

The focus of the camp will be the headquaters of Land and marine, the company building a 150 mile long, environmentally destructive pipeline through Wales.
We hope to shut land and Marine down with Blockades/protests on the friday and saturday.
this is a chance to show solidarity with those in Wales who have been sucessfully disrupting the pipeline for so long, and a chance to bring the battle to the doorstep of the company responsible.

The camp will be a self managed space which will include workshops, music/soundsystem a vegan kitchen and more and is inspired by the Camp for Climate Action held last summer.

We will have a website, posters, booklets etc produced soon

feel free to e-mail us if you want any info, or to help us publicise the camp.

Happy camper
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