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Report from presentations in court, Copenhagen

Modkraft | 04.03.2007 00:40 | Free Spaces | Repression | World

Audience at the presentations in the city court in connection with the riots in Copenhagen consider the trials "out of order". The arrested were presented in court during friday night and the cases were considered in groups of six people at a time. They all took place between 19 and 22.30 friday night

The decisions detaining people for 2-4 weeks have been making on very weak "evidence" and the arrested hasn't been allowed to present their own evidence, a source informs

Several of the arrested said during these "interrogations" that they had taken photos and videos that would clear them for the charges of throwing rocks at the police. The police had however confiscated this materiale - and they hadn't been able to find it in time for the presentation

The police's evidence was according to the witnesses very weak. It consisted of pictures from TV2 News and a declaration from an officer saying that he had seen all of the people in a circle on the picture throw rocks. It was however clear on the picture that this wasn't the case.

This weak evidence did however not stop the judge from allowing the arrested to be further detained.
- "It look like the judge had made up his mind in advance" says a person in the audience.

The defence lawyers called the "trials" a violation of the human rights of the arrested.
According to one among the audience there was no media present

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