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Protest against police raids

Modkraft | 04.03.2007 00:07 | Free Spaces | Repression | World

The pressgroup from Ungdomshuset calls the police raids and the following arrests earlier today for a "campaign to provoke fear". At the same time the encourage the politicians of Copenhagen to do something
"It is not new that the Copenhagen Police is making illegal arrests. But it is incredible that the politicians aren't doing anything when the police are using illegal means to solve a problem that is political", says Jan from the pressgroup from Ungdomshuset

About a 100 people has been arrested during todays police raids, the Copenhagen Police tells The arrests were made in up to 8 different locations, among these some on Norrebro where combatuniformed policemen stormed International Forum (grassroot solidarity organisation working with different "aid-projects"), the community "Bumzen", Solidarity House (offices for several political and social organisations and also a little shop) and the highschool "Det Frie"

The police doesn't wish to inform what the arrested has been charged with at the current time, but Flemming Steen Munk (spokesman for the police) says about the police raids: "The arrests were made based on intelligence saying that the people concerned either has participated or planned the riots that has happened after the eviction of Ungdomshuset"

Anarchist Black Cross arrested
Among the arrested is several members of the activistgroup Anarchist Black Cross as well as a single member of International Forum. Besides this eyewitnesses say that 10 people were arrested in the Solidary House
Lars Gaardsoe, spokesperson for International Forum, says: "We protest the by the police self-claimed state of emergency (?) in Copenhagen and we will hold the police responsible for this violation"
Lawyer and spokesperson for the Foundation Jagtvej69, Knud Foldschack, considers the raids and arrests today of young activists on Norrebro an "escalation of the conflict"

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