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Copenhagen, saturday afternoon:Big demo in support of Ungdomshuset

autonoumous activists from Denmark | 03.03.2007 21:24 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Saturday afternoon, the 3. March 2007, a big demonstration with around 2.000 participants draw from the square in front of the City Hall to Nørrebro to express their support to the fight for Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen.
They were all there : The black dressed and the punks, mothers with prams and the eternal vagabonds, mature women with handbags and powder on their cheeks and old veterans with silver in the hair.

comrade from Ungdomshuset speaks
comrade from Ungdomshuset speaks

Two demonstrations from Vesterbro and Christianshavn gathered in front of the City Hall to listen to speeches and music. A speaker from Ungdomshuset said : “ Now it is NOT the time for quarrel. We must respect each other and be good towards each other – everybody can join the fight in the way they like. Make a civic restaurant so that people can meat and get creative ideas, take part in the reclaim-the-streets on Tuesday 16 o’clock, support the group which helps the arrested and imprisoned comrades – use all your imagination and creativity and take part in the Thursday demonstrations, which will take place each Thursday at 17 o-clock except 8. March, The International Women’s Day, where it take place at 18 o’clock instead” , said the speaker from Ungdomshuset.
He got the biggest applause when he called for solidarity with the hundreds of arrested and imprisoned comrades.

Three good musicians played John Lennons “A working class hero” – and then the demo draw on direction Nørrebro. Slogans as “ Police, control create more violence!” were heard in the streets and here and there banners hangs out of apartments to express citizen support to Ungdomshuset. Around 18.30 the demo ended in a party in the park of Nørrebro. Small groups moved towards inner Nørrebro.

The fight continues !

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autonoumous activists from Denmark



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Why is there so little support in the UK?

04.03.2007 05:48

Have we all been completely tamed by BIg Brother or is it that we just don't care? While many other cities in the EU are showing good support for the evicted all we have been able to muster thus far is a little group of 15 dedicated people for about 3 hours. Maybe its true that we identify more with USA than with EU. Shame on you all!


Why should we care?

04.03.2007 06:02

Activists in the UK are not bothered about the police use of helicopters and tear gas to evict squatters. We have nice police here who take our photographs and video our demos, for our own protection of course. Besides, we can't give up our Fridays and weekends to show solidarity with the evicted. They should have chosen a better day in the week. Those other cities in the EU must be mad to demonstrate in solidarity with a bunch of unwashed dole scroungers anyway. Its not the way we do things here.

First we get police permission for a demonstration. That can take several days. If we have a march we let the police decide the route and they go in front of us and surround us for our own safety. Metal barriers are errected along the route to show us the way. Sometimes we have marshals who assist the police. Any unruly elements can expect to be quickly surrounded and contained, for our own protection of course. The last thing we want is any sort of confrontation with authority. They know what is best for us after all.


Too moralistic?

04.03.2007 18:13

Itsme is being too moralistic in his/her critique of UK radicals...the real problem is a lack of anger in the hearts...if you can feel solidarity from that, anything is possible whatever the police do here...its a shame but thats how London is right now...even though good things are happening here too


After burning 7000 books, it's nice to take some time off for relaxation

04.03.2007 20:13

A few hours before the peaceful demonstration at Rådhuspladsen, the demonstrators broke into a high school, burned 7000 books, destroyed the school's computer equipment, and wrecked the place.

Interesting when an "alternative cultural movement" shows its strength by burning books.

This was 100 meters away from Christiania, the famous collective. Christianians said "We don't want these people near us."

On their way to the "peaceful" demonstration, the demonstrators burned 80 cars.

Allan Jenkins
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- Homepage:

Jerkins knows nil

05.03.2007 00:44

Do you feel like backing up those accusations or are you not in the mood? Myself personally and i'm sure many other indy readers would like to see your evidence of 2,000 vandals/looters taking a detour to the protest in order to breakstuff.


Just a bunch of books

05.03.2007 16:31

The old burning books thing is so if setting fire to a school library is the same as systematic (state) censorship of authors and publishers...its a classic liberal refrain. Maybe the 'vandals' were of school age and hate school. Maybe they dont care about stupid books in a school library.



06.03.2007 00:08

RTS,biggest global antiwar demos, uk is radical. antiwar demos were anticlimax thou, so we are reorganising,
Yes we do focus on US too much, we are 51st state at the moment.

That said,if I was in London thou I would have tried.

robin ludd

Anti War demos

06.03.2007 02:28

Over 1 million people gathered in london. That's something very encouraging. that is progress
If Over 1 million people gathered outside parliament and symbolically sieged it in order for the vote towards war would not take place, that would be radical.

Also dont forget that The UK may have had one of the largest protests but it was also one of the shortest in consistency, as most people thought it wise to shut up once the war had started just incase they would upset their fascist army boys in Iraq. This at a time where the rest of Europe still held large protests every week. That kind of action would easily go into the category of conservatism.