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You can save political prisoner Ahmad Batebi from execution

Iranian Political prisoners Defence Campaign | 02.03.2007 10:04 | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

It is not long ago since the general massacre of Akbar Mohammadi, Valiollah Feyz e Mahdavi and Zahra Kazemi and lots of other political Activists, students, writers and journalists in prisons by the dictatorial regime in Iran. It is getting worse and worse.
Today Ahmad Batebi is one of the thousands of political prisoners that are not far from death because of non stop torture in prison.

In 1999 during a students demonstration when he was holding a bloody T-shirt which belonged to one of the students who was killed by Suppression forces just because he too objected to the harshness and cruelty by the Mullah’s Regime. After a few days his picture was on the cover of the Economist magazine which provoked the Mullahs. So he was arrested exactly after and sentenced to death.
Fortunately lots of freedom-lovers groups have struggled in and out of Iran to nullify his death sentence.
Ahmad Batebi is still in prison and he had the cruelest torturing harm through all these years and all this caused him neuralgia, physical problems and heart attack so they had to send him to hospital but again officials took him back to prison before he could finish the remedial period. Also they kidnapped his wife who is a dentist, when Ahmad heard about his wife he decided to go on full hunger strike.
It is an example of a savage felony by the Mullahs on those hostage Iranian people since 1979 until now. Unfortunately these crimes were connivance by Western Media because they just try to get ready public opinion for military attack on Iran.
Today we ask freedom lovers from everywhere, especially English people and all students, and educational groups to do anything that they think will help to save Ahmaed’s life.

26th February
Iranian Political prisoners Defence Campaign

Iranian Political prisoners Defence Campaign
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