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Video from Current Nablus Invasion - Day 2

a-films / rji | 27.02.2007 17:32 | Palestine | Repression | World

This is the second video clip dealing with the military operation "Hot Winter" in Nablus, occupied Palestine.

This short film was filmed on Monday, 26th of February 2007. It's a co-production by the Research Journalism Initiative (RJI) and the anarchist film collective " a-films ".

For downloading (good quality):

For watching (low quality):

For those who've missed the first film dealing with day 1 of the military operation, here again the links:

For downloading (good quality):

For watching (low quality):

Additional stuff is and will be available at, and

The authors can be contacted at and

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  1. nice one,F@@k apertheid — Joni
  2. Brave videographer. — Doug.