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De Menezes Killer Rewarded

Various | 25.02.2007 00:04 | Anti-militarism

Surveillance video proved the police told several flagrant LIES about the incident. It appears that this officer was rewarded for covering for the real shooter, who may have worked for an intelligence service, and murdered the electrician who saw something he should not have.

You simply do not empty a clip into someone's head at point-blank range.

Who was the shooter? What did this electrician see? What do the cameras show?

De Menezes shooting officer promoted
From correspondents in London

A SENIOR British officer involved in the killing of a Brazilian allegedly mistaken for a suicide bomber on a London underground train was promoted today to a top policing job, looking after the royal family's safety.

Cressida Dick was in charge of the operation that led to Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, being shot seven times in the head on an underground train at Stockwell station in south London in July 2005.

His family said they are "disgusted" by Ms Dick's promotion.

The shooting came amid frenzy in London over the threat of suicide bombers.

Two weeks earlier four British Islamists had (allegdly) blown themselves up on three underground trains and a bus, killing 52 people, and detectives say that the day before the shooting five other suspects had attempted to carry out copycat attacks.

(However, both the police and Blair Regime were caught in several lies about the incident which, like 911, remains adequately explained or investigated.)

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), which oversees the London force, said, despite "unprecedented circumstances", Dick had been promoted to the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

Her job, which begins on March 19, has responsibility for the protection of the royal family and other senior individuals.

"Having considered these circumstances, we are satisfied that our decision to confirm promotion is the right one to take at this time," said Len Duvall, the MPA's chairman.

"The MPA is keenly aware that the people of London must have confidence in the police who work, in what are often difficult circumstances, to protect them.

"By confirming this promotion we are making it clear that the officer retains our full confidence."

(or is being rewarded for her silence ...)

The family of de Menezes said they were angry at the news.

"The idea that police officers who were responsible for Jean's killing are being promoted makes me feel sick," said Patricia da Silva Armani, one of Jean's cousins.

"I do not understand how people who kill innocent civilians are allowed to carry on working as if nothing has happened. To promote her is disgraceful."

Last July it was reported by the BBC the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), had recommended Dick face criminal action for her handling of the operation.

However, prosecutors decided no police officers involved in the incident should face action. The Crown Prosecution Service instead ruled the London force as a whole should be prosecuted under health and safety laws.

(Strange behaviour, no?)

Britain's top court, the House of Lords, will rule on a judicial review of the CPS decision not to hold any individual officers responsible after an appeal by de Menezes's family.

The full IPCC report into the shooting will not be made public until that legal action is completed.,21985,21255427-5005961,00.html

The true inside facts about the 7/7 London bombings



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