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Photos from the 24th February London Anti-War Demo

Chris | 24.02.2007 21:42 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Terror War | London | Sheffield

CND and the Stop the War called the demo with the slogans, No Trident, Troops out of Iraq.

Two coaches of protestors attended from Sheffield (while other went by train and other means).

See the feature article for more info:



Nice pics - around 2,000 marched in Glasgow.

25.02.2007 01:39

Nice photos. There was a march and rally in Glasgow which drew about 2,000 people – around 73% of Scots are against Trident.

The BBC1 evening news only gave about 10 seconds to the demo while ITN’s 11.15 bulletin was even worse with a three second glimpse of the protest. The BBC website report is not bad however:

There will be worldwide demos on Saturday March 17th and here are some details of the planned Washington DC protest:

Paul O'Hanlon
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more pics here

25.02.2007 10:45


Some more photographs of the march

27.02.2007 01:42

I spent the day on the March in London, I uploaded quite a few images.

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John for Leader o my !

27.02.2007 20:18

Well it doest surprise me seeing a John 4 Leader picture on the Sheffield Indymedia / Indymedia network !

They both being so dam middle class !

Try some real working class politics go on the website link !

James Hadfield
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more pics

07.03.2007 19:24