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Saturday \'No Trident/Troops Out\' demo

via (((i)))mobile | 24.02.2007 18:48 | Terror War | World

STWC said over 100,000 but apparently the police were saying just 4,000 at some point. Personally, bassed on how full trafalgar square seemed I\'d guess at something between 50,000 and 70,000. But who can tell, it was certainly big, bigger than any nuclear related marches i\'ve ever attended.

Police forward inteligence gatherers lurked behind corners snapping away with their telephoto lenses but I didn\'t see anyone getting harrased. I did however spot one cop ripping a placard to pieces which I guess is one way to vent pent up agression.

There was a good diversity of people there
Including what seemed like a remarkable number of teenages. There was a good showing of school students against the war. and other student groups.
Of course there were also the veterans the peace and anti-nuclear movements plus the families complete with buggies and children on shoulders. I was a liitle suprised at the lack of large muslin groups attending, perhaps a sign of dissatisfaction in thr ranks of respect supporters.

It was suposedly an no to trident demo but as well
\'troops out message, there was also a strong focus on the \"don\'t attack Iran\'. I must say that I found myself worrying that by vocalising the psssibility of a military action on Iran.
we are actually somehow playing into the war hawks plans.

Rain held off and with Brian Haw
ending the speeches at trafalga square, I left the square and made my way home on a nice empty bus.

(photos and audio to follow)

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400 people killed in Iraq occupation

24.02.2007 21:29

US and Iraqi militants have killed around 400 people since the start of a major slaughter in the Baghdad occupation of Iraq.


Bomb-laden fuel tanker kills at least 40 in western Iraq

A fuel tanker rigged with explosives at least 40 people when it blew up near a Sunni mosque in western Iraq, a day after the mosque's imam had criticised militants.

Parrot Press

Bobby the Ripper

25.02.2007 00:11

I wonder if the banner you saw getting ripped up by the Police was one of mine?
I was at Trafalgar Square, in front of the National Gallery, when a Policeman snatched at the banner I had implanted in the barrier and ripped it into about a dozen pieces.
What did it say?
It read "Officer, Your Failure to Arrest Blair and co Makes YOU an Accomplice to Mass Murder."

His colleage to exception to another of my banners, threatening me with a caution for a public order offense, because of an asterix! Seriously. He said he was offended by the placard that read "First They Came for the Animal Rights Activists, Then They came for the Peace Protestors. When the f**k are they gonna go for the Murderers in Government?"
It was asterixed like that too.
When I asked him why it was offensive, pointing out the many FCUK adverts about town, he offerred me a caution. I took out my felt tip pen and scored out "the f**k", saying "better now, officer?" He eventually strode off in a huff, he couldn't caution me because I had asked for a record and he had run out of forms or something. atching him walk away muttering under his breath was the highlight of my day.
This while his pal ripped up my other one.

Man With a Pen

to bobby the ripper

25.02.2007 10:58

do you mind me asking if the nasty copper was a little vertically challenge? i have this theory that the really petty minded vindictive ones are very often small and have presumably been picked on and bullied at sometime in their life. has anyone else ever noticed this?

rip torn

Stopping the Nuclear Wars

28.02.2007 03:05

We mourn deaths in ALL nations.
However sad, however bad, however MAD.

Yes - some Poolice are very definate turds and tossers, BUT,
I don't suppose the atomic/nuclear fallout will distinguish much between arsehole coppers with a cowardly agressive attitude and a smart arsed student with witty and creative posters and banners.

What are we gonna do now?!?

Ann Arkist