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A day dedicated for defining our political identity at the Vortex

X - Vortex | 20.02.2007 16:46 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

A day for defining our political objectives and for introducing people to activism

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The Vortex have been a resounding success so far. On fund raisers we have hundreds of people, and when the café is open, it has been a precedence in community building. It lacks only one thing, that is political participation and activism. We never got around to define our goals and ambitions, something we should of done before we even opened. As a result, the space is not utilising it's full potential. On Sunday, we are dedicating a day for figuring out how we can change this, and how we can mobilise a community to take charge of their lives and the world that surrounds them. You cannot build a grass roots democracy, by uniting an idle community.
We have something no centre before us have had, and it will be a shame to see this wasted.
We are not a cheap coffee shop, we are not a club, we are not a cinema, we are a social centre. A social centre cannot just have politics on the walls and in leaflets, it must be an integral part of every aspect of our lives.
We all have a vision of a utopia, we all have an idea of things that are worth fighting for, by utilising this space to accomplish those things, we have a unique opportunity to change the world. We need experienced people to come and talk, to make short presentations, to show short films, and generally to contribute.
we need to show people that there are ways to change the world, that they are in control, and that nobody is going to do it for them. struggle by struggle, after each one we are more united in our resolve, stronger, and better equipped for the next one.

(Sorry about the tackiness of it all)

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