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Mass anti-Trident Rally - 24th Feb

peacemeal | 17.02.2007 13:38

Sick of the whole nuclear hypocracy?

WMD's? There over here and the government wants to replace them.

Come and show your opposition to the Trident replacement plans, and our continuing disgust at the occupation of Iraq and threats to Iran.

Starting at Speakers Corner in Hyde park - heading off to Trafalgar Square.
Don't want to march? If you fancy doing something a bit different, meet up with the Autonomous Bloc (check out the large 'Resist' flag) - bring your own energy, ideas and passion!

Coaches are leaving from various locations - check out the link to find out more. See you all there!

Stop the War link

"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure" Nelson Mandela