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British Mercenary Simon Mann's last Journey?

Dr.Alexander von Paleske | 17.02.2007 10:59 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation

A court in Zimbabwe is hearing the request of Equatorial Guinea to extradite the British mercenary and ex-SAS man Simon Mann

Simon Mann is presently serving a four-year prison term in Zimbabwe.
He was arrested in March 2004, when his plane was supposed to onload weapons for a planned coup in Equatorial Guinea, Africa's third largest oil exporter.
He was sentenced in Zimbabwe on a minor charge(illegal acquisition of weapons of war). Some of his "comrades" are presently on trial in Pretoria/South Africa..

Equatorial Guinea wants Simon Mann on charges of high treason, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.
Most likely the Harare court will allow the extradition, despite the appalling conditions of the judicial system in Equatorial Guinea.

A German coup plotter by the name of Gerhard Merz died a few days after the arrest on 17th March 2004 amidst the allegations of torture.
Merz was formerly involved in the transportation of weapons of mass destruction (nerve gas Mustard and Sarin) from China to Iran in cohort with the former Israeli air force colonel Moshe Regenstreich alias Regev and with the approval of the Israeli secret service Shin Bet.

Mann, once extradited, will meet in the Black Beach prison with South African Nick du Toit, who is already serving a 34 year sentence for the same offence.

Nick du Toit allegedly was once commanding a South African Apartheid terror group, Reconnaissance commando 5, attacking Gaborone/Botswana on 14th June 1985, killing 14 people including a pregnant mother and a six year old child and blowing up a number of houses afterwards.
He has yet to be tried for these crimes against humanity in Botswana.

Simon Mann is the offspring of a rich british beer brewing family and ex Eton pupil, who served queen and country in the SAS before turning to the more lucrative profession of a mercenary.
He was associated with the mercenary company Executive Outcomes and cofounder of the British mercenary company Sandline.
The latter owned by British Oil entrepreneur Tony Buckingham, number 244 of the riches list of Britain..

Mann co-commanded the hired mercenaries together with Tim Spicer, another Ex SAS man, OBE, now in Iraq with his mercenary company AEGIS.
Most of the mercenaries were former members of apartheid South African killer- and destruction groups like 44 Parachute Brigade, Reconnaissance Commandos (Recce), Buffalo Battalion, Koevoet and Civil Cooperation Bureau.
They were bloody active in Angola, Sierra Leone and on the other side of the globe in Papua New Guinea. Payment was either in cash or more often in mining rights,thus exploiting the assets of these countries.

With him in the attempted Equatorial Guinea coup allegedly financially involved, a slew of former British public school boys, amongst them Lord Jeffrey Archer, Greg Wales, David Hart, Howard Flight and not to forget, Sir Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret Thatcher, who has already been sentenced in South Africa, after a plea bargain, two years ago. Also apparently involved Eli Calil, Britain of Lebanese origin, friend of Tony Blair's former minister for scandals and now EU trade commissioner, Peter Mandelson.

Dr. Alexander von Paleske
Head, Department of Oncology
Princess Marina Hospital
Ex-Barrister-at-Law, High Court Frankfurt (M/Germany

Dr.Alexander von Paleske
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