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McLibel: Human Rights Victory Anniversary

notts-imc features | 17.02.2007 09:09 | Animal Liberation | History

To celebrate the McLibel Human Rights Victory Anniversary, there was a small demo on Thursday at the McDonalds restaurant at Exchange Walk

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg declared that the notorious and long running McLibel case was in breach of the right to a fair trial and right to freedom of expression, thereby voiding any solace that McNasty may have enjoyed from the trial.

The Court ruled that UK laws had failed to protect the public’s right to criticise massive corporations whose business practices can affect people’s lives, health and the environment. Meanwhile after spending £10 million to suppress free speach, McDonalds find that the most widely distributed protest leaflet ever, continues to be distributed worldwide... Mainly by a group in Nottingham!

Audio: Interview with an activist about McDonald's and all its works | Short bit of the interview

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An interview with an activist about McDonald's and all its works. [ MP3 7:17mi - mp3 3.3M

Very short edit from Mc Libel interview (mp3 / 469kb) - mp3 470K

As well as being two years after the European Court of Human Rights put an end to the McLibel case, it turns out that it is twenty years ago that Nottingham catering campaigners, Veggies, saw off their own threat of libel action by McDonalds.

As quoted in the McLibel Trial:

"Veggies Ltd reprinted the Greenpeace (London) 'factsheet', adding an additional page highlighting the conditions in which cattle are slaughtered, and a page of information about the work of Veggies. The factsheet otherwise contained exactly the same information as that published by Greenpeace (London), which (was) the subject of the ... libel action.

"In 1987 Veggies received a letter from McDonald' s solicitors demanding that Veggies publish a correction and apology. Following correspondence, Veggies agreed to make minor amendments to the factsheet, in the rainforest section, and to the heading about animals. Since that time Veggies has continued to publish the same factsheet and have received no further communication from McDonalds, or their agents, to indicate that they have any further concern about the factsheet."

Ref: McLibel Trial Witness Statement

See also reference to 'Veggies Agreement' in the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights:

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