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An activist from Oaxaca speaks in London, 17 February, 2pm!

No Sweat | 16.02.2007 20:16 | Oaxaca Uprising | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London

An activist from the celebrated Oaxaca struggle is speaking in London on Saturday 17 February.

Andreas Aullet, an activist from the huge workers' and popular struggle that took place last year in Oaxaca, Mexico, is speaking at SOAS tomorrow (Saturday 17 February) at 2pm.

He has already spoken at well-attended meetings in Brighton, Cambridge, Nottingham, York, Manchester and Sheffield (unfortunately he didn't make it to speak to the 70 people who turned up in Norwich due to a mechanical failure!) Please come and find out about the struggle of the workers and people of Oaxaca against corruption and against capitalism!

"Andres Aullet works with the Committee of Relatives of Political Prisoners of Oaxaca. Along with other activists, he is helping to set up a nation-wide body to coordinate the struggle for the release of all political prisoners in Mexico. Andres was an activist during the strike of UNAM (Universidad Autónoma de México) in 1999, from which he graduated as a lawyer.

"He will be speaking in London at 2pm on Saturday at the School of Oriental and African Studies, off Russell Square, near Goodge Street, Russell Square and Euston tubes."

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