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no Bo DY | 14.02.2007 11:53 | Oaxaca Uprising | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista

The subject of the elections in the APPO assembly

At five AM sharp this Monday the plenary session of the State Assembly of
the APPO arrived at the following agreement by consensus: a punishment vote
for URO and his allies, to disassociate themselves from the political
parties, and to ask for the resignation of any councilor who wishes to
postulate him/herself for public office.

Previously the table formed to discuss the role of the APPO in the following
state elections issued declaration: to promote punishment votes for Ulises
Ruiz and if somebody wants to be a candidate, he/she must do it in the name
of his/her own organization or as an independent citizen, but not in the
name of the APPO. As far as the APPO is concerned, it would respect these

The above, in a debate marked by the appearance in the local newspaper
Noticias of the names of some leaders and spokespersons of the APPO
(Florentino Lopez, Erangelio Mendoza, Zenen Bravo, amongst others, all
representatives and leaders of social organizations) who, according to the
note, were being promoted as candidates for the local congress as members of
the APPO, when the discussion of that issue was to take place that same day.

Just one day before, the State Council of the Partido de la Revolucio'n
Democra'ntica (PRD) made public its decision to open 11 candidacies to local
congress positions (almost half of their quota) to members of the APPO.

There were other discussion tables: The Organic Structure of the APPO, The
Deep Transformation of the State, and Human Rights.

Some seventy councilors, plus three hundred delegates and guests attended
the assembly.


*February 9*

In the face of accusations about the diversion of funds for 24 million
pesos, followed by a prolonged absence of the Major, neighbors of the 28 de
Noviembre, Lomas de Santa Cruz and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz neighborhoods,
pronounced themselves in favor of the creation of a popular government that
would take the place of the evasive constitutional major of Santa Cruz

The instauration of popular governments in the State of Oaxaca was unleashed
since the beginning of the popular movement impulsed by the APPO. During
August, dozens could be counted in the different regions of the state.

Since January, groups from the PRI, sometimes supported by the police
corporations, started a counter-offensive to recover the town halls, which
has led to a series of cruel confrontations in different parts of the
states. The most recent: Huautla, San Antonino and Atzompa.


*February 8*

Human rights advocates created a popular jury that will analyze the proofs
and testimonies of the human rights violations that have occurred in
Oaxaca, so as to issue a "moral judgment" and seek the punishment of those
guilty of these crimes. This was made public on the second National Forum
for the Defense of Human Rights in Oaxaca, convoked by the APPO and PRD

The popular jury shall include, amongst others, Enrique Gonza'lez Ruiz, Human
Rights lecturer in the Mexico City Autonomous University, Miguel Concha,
president of the Fray Francisco de Vitoria Human Rights, Magdalena Go'mez,
human rights advocate, and the senator and president of Eureka Committee,
Rosario Ibarra de Piedra.

Over 40 testimonies of people detained and attacked by elements of the
Policia Federal Preventiva (Federal Police) shall be presented in the forum.


*February 8*

After professors of the Section 22 recovered the indigenous education school
La Reforma, located in Santa Mari'a Chilchotla (Ca~ada region), which had
been in the hands of PRI organizations since last year, the head teachers of
the school ended up detained by the municipal police.

That is one case.

In the face of the announcement that today State authorities would turn in
the Ricardo Flores Magon and Guillermo Prieto schools, as well as the Centro
de Atencion Multiple (CAM) of the El Retiro area, into the hands of teachers
from the Section 22 of the SNTE, parents linked to the PRI became organized
to prevent this.

The tutors of the children who are taking classes in the public park of El
Retiro, who support the Section 22 teachers, organized a demonstration from
this site to the Secretari'a General de Gobierno, to demand an immediate
solution to the problems that are taking place in the schools of that area.

Still one more.

This Thursday was the 25th day after the installations of the IEEPO (State
Education Institute) by teachers of the region of the COSAT, where the same
problem as that of El Retiro has been taking place, parents and PRI
municipal authorities are preventing the return of teachers from the Section
22 and supporting the teachers from the Section 59.


*February 7*

French NGO's agreed to consolidate a network for the support of the opposing
alliance APPO in Oaxaca, as well as to promote debates and for a about the
political-social conflict in this sate in Southern Mexico, a spokesperson of
this Mexican State said today. The information was issued by Isauro Nava, a
Mazatec teacher, to the national newspaper La Jornada , after the presence
of APPO representatives in Paris, France, last week, invited by the France
Liberte's Foundation headed by Danielle Miterrand, wife of the deceased
French president Francoise Miterrand. It markes the beginning of an APPO
campaign in Europe to "break" the "information siege" imposed by Oaxaca
governor Ulises Ruiz (from the PRI) and president Felipe Caldero'n, from the
right-wing party PAN.


*February 6*

This Tuesday morning some 200 persons, including motor-taxi drivers, school
parents committees and ordinary citizens took over and closed down the town
hall of Santa Cruz Xoxocotla'n, conurbated area of the city of Oaxaca.

The coordinator of the Frente Amplio de Colonias, Juan Carlos Ignacio
Esteva, said that the protest was because of the diversion of at least 10
million pesos of the 33rd division, related to public works, which were not
used by the municipal president.

Later on, a group of municipal police, provided with tear gas, recovered the
town hall, while the demonstrators blocked the Guadalupe Hinojosa de Murat
Avenue, which links Xoxocotlan to Oaxaca City. They also blocked the Benito
Juarez crossroads with buses, cars and motor-taxis. This crossroads links
this area with the towns of Zaachila, San Raymundo Jalpan and Cuilapan de
Guerrero. The blockages ended at 5 PM. No detentions were reported.

The interim major from the PRD party has faced all types of political
tremors during the last months, from the accusation of stealing one million
pesos from herself, to the mutiny of the police and, of course, the town
hall taken by the APPO in critical points of the Oaxacan popular movement.
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