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Australian militants 'prepared' for Afghanistan anti-occupation resistance

Not your ABC | 14.02.2007 02:05 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Terror War | World

Because when you occupy a sovereign nation you have to include your own protection group, that is, if you want to allegedly reconstruct something that you may have destroyed upon arrival?

Afghanistan anti-occupation resistance
Afghanistan anti-occupation resistance

The Chief of the Australian Defense [WAR] Force says troops [militants] in Afghanistan are well prepared for an expected spring offensive by the Taliban.

[But who is springing and who is being offensive, really? Anyone for anti-occupation resistance?]

Australia has a 370-strong reconstruction task force in Afghanistan, including its own force protection group.

[Because when you occupy a sovereign nation you have to include your own protection group, that is, if you want to allegedly reconstruct something that you may have destroyed upon arrival?

There are also about 100 militants in a helicopter unit and 20 logistics staff.

Air Marshal Angus Houston says the Taliban are expected to step up activity during the next few months.

[Because by then their feet would have thawed out?]

Houston: "Certainly we anticipate they will be involved at heightened operational tempo through the spring and into the summer and that's been part of the pattern of operations in Afghanistan for a few years now," he said.

"In terms of our commitments, clearly we are prepared for that, we have a very robust force protection capability."



Your Tax Dollars in Action
By Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD

Photographic images of deformed children from Afghanistan caused by the use of depleted uranium munitions by the United States military.

Afghanistan after democracy: the untold story through photographic images" is the story of suffering of the Afghan people. This book exposes the lies of the Bush administration about the post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the disaster brought upon Afghanistan by the United States of America and her allies.

It exposes democracy as the buzz word for the neocolonial adventure of the US. The claims of reconstruction in Afghanistan is nothing but a total fraud.

It exposes the failure of the US government at all levels in Afghanistan. Finally, it exposes the genocide committed by the US government through the use of uranium weapons and the consequences of these weapons of mass destruction particularly congenital deformities.

Kindly read the article at the link above



If you're waiting for Lib/Lab then you're just waiting for a catastrophe!

What about all the scapegoats the Howard government has produced for their war on terror/resources? Most, still languishing in isolated segregation prisons and still waiting to be heard. Rendition and torture of our citizens? 20 years for thought crimes? Jury asked to push on when they couldn't make up their mind? Rules of evidence and standards lowered in our local courts? 5 years in Guantanamo without trial or charge? Military style Kangaroo Courts, Control Orders? Detention Orders? Indefinite Detention? Then we have Australian citizens being held in detention and even being deported?

UK troops rampage through Kandahar

An official investigation was launched December 9 into allegations that British troops had opened fire indiscriminately at civilians in Kandahar city, southern Afghanistan, following a suicide car bomb attack on a NATO-led convoy.

The quagmire deepens in Afghanistan

In the wake of the US elections, the Bush administration has been anxious to affirm there will be no “course correction” in Afghanistan, despite the escalating armed resistance to the US-led occupation of the country.

Not your ABC