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AUSTRALIA: [BringDavidHome] Cheney snubs Sydney Committee

Graeme Dunstan & Marlene Obeid | 12.02.2007 22:15 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Terror War | World

Media Release 12 February 2007: War Criminal Hotline announced. Sydney Committee snubbed.

War Criminal Hotline announced
War Criminal Hotline announced

The Sydney Committee for Welcoming War Criminals is feeling snubbed that the US Vice President Dick Cheney has announced his visit to Sydney without first informing them.

The Committee has learned that the US Vice President will be addressing the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, at an invitation-only event in the ballroom of Sydney's Shangri-La hotel on Friday 23 February 2007.

The Committee has not been invited but undeterred, it will organise a reception for him anyway.

To be styled as a Carnival of the Damned, the reception will take place on the streets outside the Shangri-La while Cheney dialogues inside about leadership success in corporate piracy and war profiteering with the Australian rich and powerful.

So that The Sydney Committee for Welcoming War Criminals is not snubbed again and is able to bring an appropriate reception to the US Vice President's every moment while in Sydney, a War Criminal Hotline has been set up.

"We are calling upon police, media people, politicians, politician's servants, baggage handlers, chauffeurs and cleaners, anyone anywhere who gets a whiff of the whereabouts of Cheney and where he may be headed next, to become a citizen informer and ring the War Criminal Hotline," said Lady Obeid, social secretary to The Committee.

The War Criminal Hotline is 0401 758 871

"On receipt of information of his whereabouts, a quick response team of welcomers will rush to his side and show him what Sydney people really think of him," said Lady Obeid.

Further information
Lady Marlene Obeid 0401 758 871
Graeme Dunstan, captain, 0407 951 688


If you're waiting for Lib/Lab then you're just waiting for a catastrophe!

What about all the scapegoats the Howard government has produced for their war on terror/resources? Most, still languishing in isolated segregation prisons and still waiting to be heard. Rendition and torture of our citizens? 20 years for thought crimes? Jury asked to push on when they couldn't make up their mind? Rules of evidence and standards lowered in our local courts? 5 years in Guantanamo without trial or charge? Military style Kangaroo Courts, Control Orders? Detention Orders? Indefinite Detention? Then we have Australian citizens being held in detention and even being deported?

[BringDavidHome] [mardi gras]

We need volunteers to join in the walking group in the parade. We're seeking 50 volunteers to get dressed in bright orange coveralls, along with others to carry banners, placards and other assorted dress to emphasise the message that David Hicks must be brought home.

Graeme Dunstan & Marlene Obeid


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