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(A)thens polytechnic university | 06.02.2007 23:27 | Repression | World

about the releasment of the two hunger strikers in greece.

After a ongoing battle for freedom Anarchist Tarasio Zandorozni (70 days of hunger strike)from the Ukraine,Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos(54 days of hunger strike) and Nikos Katsadouras have been released on restraining orders awaiting a court day to be set to examine their cases.The three young men were arrested on the 6th of may 2006 during the European Social Forum held in Athens were thousands of people took to the streets and clashes outbroke between Anarchists and the police which resaulted to the burning and damaging of many banks and corporations,the destruction of police vehicles,and dozens of arrested people.Amongs them Tarasio Zadorozni ,Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos and Kostas Katsadouras who were detained and put in prison on false charges without a court day been held.Solidarity mobilisations began from the day our comrades were arrested and peeked with the polytechnic university ofathens been squatted by Anarchists and a huge demonstation of more than 1500 anarchists in the streets of Athens during the hunger strikers battle for life.We thank our comrades from England for youre Solidarity efforts. .THE BATTLE AGAINST THE STATE AND CAPITALISM CONTINUES!SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON! OUR GREETINGS AND SOLIDARITY GOES ON TO THE PEOPLE OF OAXACA AND CHIAPAS!OUR PASSION FOR FREEDOM IS STRONGER THAN ALL PRISON CELLS! COMRADES FROM ATHENS POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY! FREEDOM TO MUMIA AND PELTIER!(A)

(A)thens polytechnic university


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  1. Excellent news ! — state hater