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Climate Change: European countries have warmest January on record

Anna Mudeva | 02.02.2007 21:55 | Ecology | World


global warming
global warming

Germany has to fear that cities like Hamburg, Kiel, Rostock, will dissapaer in the next 100 years, when the sea level will rise about half a meter. ( )

Worldwide average temperature will will rise about 2 to 4 degress Celsius.

In the Netherlands, January temperatures were the highest since they were first measured in 1706, the Dutch meteorological institute KNMI said on Wednesday, averaging about 7.1 degrees Celsius -- 2.8 degrees more than usual.
Already daffodils were flowering more than a month early in fields south-west of Amsterdam near the North Sea.

In Switzerland, where many ski resorts had been short of snow until heavy falls late last week, MeteoSwiss said January was set to be the warmest on record in Swiss cities.

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Anna Mudeva


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