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Leeds Nazi Back Behind Bars

NaziHunter | 25.01.2007 19:02 | Anti-racism | Sheffield

Tony White has been sentenced to 21 months.

Tony White
Tony White

Tonight an ageing Leeds Nazi settles back into his old cell on Armley’s ‘protection wing’ after being sent down for 21 months. Tony White, of Wyther Park Hill, Bramley received the sentence after police received information from his one-time ‘comrade’ in the White Nationalist Party, Kevin Watmough, that White had a stash of racist material at his home. The subsequent haul included DVD’s, CDs, T-shirts, and fascist ‘literature’, some of which was originally supplied by Watmough. White was convicted of six counts of possessing racially inflammatory material and one count of distributing it.

The police raid that seized White’s Nazi haul came less than a year after he was jailed for distributing racist material to young girls on a Leeds bus. White, who has also dealt in child pornography, quickly moved to the ‘nonce wing’ of Armley prison, where he is rumoured to have started a relationship with another prisoner. Other charges even led to a campaign by the fascist hate group ‘Noncewatch’, with posters being put up in the Bramley area accusing White of being a child-molester. The campaign was supposedly spearheaded by one of White’s old adversaries, the British National Party’s Mark Collett.

White has had a chequered career on the far fringes of the British Nazi scene, most recently being involved with the ‘White Nationalist Party’, but lately treated as a pariah by even the most hardened Nazis. His longstanding history as a police-informer has not helped.

Today, prior to White’s sentencing, his solicitor argued that he was “a changed man” who “needed help to overcome his extremist views.” A psychiatric report on White was not read out in court, but was clearly unhelpful.

As the lardy thug was sentenced he gasped and burst into tears before being led away. His wife Carol was comforted by a friend.

While antifascists have long regarded White as little more than a joke, he has been an occasional danger to liberal anti-racists, and certainly a threat to non-white people living in the Bramley area. Despite the fact that he no longer seems to have any form of home on the fascist Right, few antifascists are likely to react with anything other than mirth and jubilation at the incarceration of this deranged and irritating racist.



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