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2007 Is The Year To Shut EDO Down

Smashy | 25.01.2007 11:54 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | Repression | South Coast

On Tuesday 15 masked activists entered the car park and loading bay of EDO MBM, Brighton warmongers manufacturing arms for the UK, US and Israel blowing claxon horns and sounding sirens to signify that the Smash EDO campaign is not going away until EDO closes down 1 | .

View the video of the anonymous demo here .

Smash EDO plan to step up their campaign this year with weekly noise demonstrations at the factory, phone blockades, direct action and a week long protest camp this August. 2007 is the year to close EDO down.

Anonymous demo at EDO
Anonymous demo at EDO

2006 was a terrible year for EDO MBM. In January 2006 their managing director, David Jones, resigned after admitting EDO supplied weapons to Israel under cross examination in the crown court. In the High Court, where EDO had applied for a civil injunction to stifle protest. February saw EDO desperately trying to dig themselves out of the hole they had dug themselves by trying to tempt defendants in the high court case to sign undertakings in return for the end of the proceedings.

In February and March over thirty criminal cases against protesters collapsed as Sussex police’s biased political policing and collusion with EDO MBM was in danger of being uncovered. The injunction proceedings were finally dropped in April at a cost of over a million to EDO MBM, the factory were ordered to pay three protesters over £30 000 in costs 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | .

In the first financial quarter of 2006 EDO Corp made a loss, citing several legal actions as a reason.1 |.

During the Summer Israel launched a murderous attack against the people of Lebanon and renewed its assault and siege of Gaza. EDO Corp and EDO MBM were supplying components used in the Israeli F-15 and F16, the Hellfire Missile, Unmanned Drones and systems used by the Israeli Navy.

Smash EDO intensified their campaign during the bombing of Lebanon with two blockades, a rooftop occupation, a day of rage and an art installation showing the horrors of war outside the factory.

See 1 | 2 | 3 | .

The second blockade was so successful that employees of EDO had to cut their way through their own fence to get to work 1 | .

Throughout 2006 Smash EDO have held marches against the factory and for the right to protest in the city centre despite police repression 1 | 2 | .

Campaigners have lodged complaints with the law society over the conduct of Timothy Lawson Cruttenden and with Sussex Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission over the conduct of Sussex Police 1 |.

Jaya Sacca, a protester who was assaulted by a security guard and then imprisoned on spurious charge of assault has recently had confirmation that Sussex Police will not prosecute the security guard. Campaigners will continue to fight for justice for Mr Sacca 1 |.

And in the second and third quarters of 2006 EDO Corp has performed consistently below targets. EDO Corp has recently announced the closure of EDO Rugged systems, a significant part of the Brighton operation 1 |.

See Report | Photos of party to celebrate closure of EDO Rugged Systems | Video of party | .

Throughout December anonymous activists carried out a concerted campaign of criminal damage against the factory.

See 1 | 2 | 3 4 |

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What a beauty!

30.01.2007 19:55

Great stuff! A camp's a wicked idea, if you haven't decided when it'll be yet then just to let you know, the climate camp dates have been set for 14th-21st august and lots of supporters will really want to go to both.