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March on Worthing Police Station

Woodlander | 21.01.2007 15:42 | Ecology | Repression | South Coast

A PROTEST march on Worthing Police Station has been called for Saturday February 17 in the face of police intimidation of Titnore Woods campaigners.

A statement from Titnore Emergency Action (TEA), released on Thursday January 18, said:

"In the run-up to Christmas, supporters of the Titnore Woods campaign were trying to bring in food and cash donations to the camp, for obvious reasons.

"However as you may have heard, on no less than two occasions Worthing Police officers attended the stall and threatened with arrest our friends making the collections.

"This is nothing short of political harassment of Titnore supporters and flies in the face of local democracy, particularly the fact that the campaign has won the support of thousands of local people, who visit the stall to make their contribution to the tree house heroes.

"In protest at this draconian and unnecessary action, which has stopped vital fund-raising at a vital time, we call for a MARCH ON WORTHING POLICE STATION on Saturday February 17, heading off at 2pm from Holders Corner, Montague Place [near MacDonald's], Worthing.

"This will also be an opportunity to express ongoing support for the camp and the fight to Save Titnore Woods.

"We hope as many of you as possible will be there to lend your support for the efforts of our our friends on the stall and in the woods.

Titnore Emergency Action (TEA)"

Meanwhile, campaigners say they have received some information suggesting that an attempted eviction of the Titnore camp might be very imminent. The source also suggested that Territorial Army personnel would be involved.
Worthing eco-action added: "While we do not want to "cry wolf" by sounding the alarm bells too often, we thought people should be aware of this. If anyone has any other information either supporting or contradicting this rumour, please get in touch with us, Protect Our Woodland or the camp. Or come to Thursday night's Worthing Alliance meeting (January 25). If there are plans to evict soon, there may be a connection with the recent heavy-handed treatment of Titnore supporters.



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