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Crucial Evidence 'Mislaid' in Genoa G8 Diaz Trial

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On Wednesday, 17 January 2007, it emerged that important evidence against the police officers who raided the Diaz school has been 'mislaid' by the police. The evidence concerned is two 'Molotov cocktails' which were supposedly found during the raid back in 2001, and were then used by police to justify the raid. It later transpired that they had in fact been planted in the Diaz building by police. The two bottles should have been produced in court yesterday during the questioning of police officer Donnini, who was in charge of the unit that transported the bottles.

On Thursday the 19th, however, Judge Barroni said the trial will continue with other evidence as the search for the missing evidence progresses [See missing Molotovs update]. All other charges against the various high-ranking police officers still stand.

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Indymedia journalist Mark Covell, and likewise many other plaintiffs, were shocked at the news and are suspicious that such evidence could disappear just at the moment when the Diaz trial is about to reach the main part of the case. The Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" and other Italian media have covered the disappearance of the evidence [see report] and there were concerns as to how this would impact the trial itself.

The two 'Molotov cocktail' bottles started their journey to infamy back in 2001 when they were found by the side of the street in the centre of Genoa during the violent confrontations of the G8 protests.

Details of the original find emerged in a service report about the G8 events dated 8 August 2001. This was written by the Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner Pasquale Guaglione following a request for documentation by the parliamentary committee set up to investigate the G8 events. The report mentions the discovery of 'two Molotov cocktails made from wine bottles, filled with inflammable liquid, sealed and with a wick'.

Furthermore, on 7 May 2002, the Genoa police department received a request regarding the Molotov cocktails found on that afternoon, noting that they had not been handed over to magistrates, nor had charges been filed in their regard against an unknown perpetrator. At this point they could not be found.

Later statements by Guaglione and Piccolotti contained details that confirmed that the two petrol bombs allegedly found during the Diaz raid were, in fact, the same ones that been been found in the street, in another part of town, earlier in the day. They had originally been taken to a police station, but then later collected, taken away, and then reappeared after the brutal night time raid on the Diaz school.

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We want a inquiry into what has happened to the missing Molotovs

25.01.2007 17:17

The Committee Truth and Justice for Genoa said in a statement earlier today that they had written
a statement (esposto) to the Judicial Authorities in which they demand to know what has happened to the two molotovs amongst other things.
They go on to say that the missing Molotovs is only the latest in a whole series of delaying tactics,
used by the police to try and impede the magistrates and stop the trial.
They mention, photographs required by the magistrates to identify the police officers involved in the violence that were years out of date and useless for that purpose. The incomplete list of the police officers who were
involved in the Blitz on the Diaz. The refusal to identify the police office with the pony tail caught on film.
The refusal to reveal who's signatures were on the arrest warrant , 15 of which were unreadable, not sure on the total:

Regarding the missing petrol bombs the Committee will present an official statement to the Judicial authorities and also ask for an immediate intervention from the ministry (Home Office) to order the police to open an
internal inquiry. On the grounds that these irregularities are seriously damaging the credibility of the institutions and they should not be allowed to happen without a strong reaction from the political parties, who have all been rather quiet on the subject of Genoa for sometime.
(this is not perfect translation but I think I got the general gist the communique follows so feel free to correct in slight errors I made of made)

Vogliamo l'inchiestasulel molotov distrutte
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Gio 25 Gen 2007 4:08 pm


comunicato stampa


Il processo Diaz dunque procede, nonostante l'ultimo tentativo di
boicottaggio operato da parte della Polizia di Stato. La sparizione delle
molotov è infatti l'ultimo episodio di una lunga serie di intralci
all'attività dei magistrati. Ricordiamo l'invio di foto vecchie e
inservibili per i riconoscimenti, di elenchi incompleti degli agenti
impiegati nel blitz, il rifiuto di riconoscere il poliziotto con la coda di
cavallo ripreso da una telecamera e di rivelare a chi appartiene la
quindicesima firma, risultata illeggibile, sul verbale d'arresto.

Sul caso delle molotov presenteremo un esposto all'autorità giudiziaria, ma
chiediamo un intervento immediato anche al ministro dell'Interno, affinché
ordini un'inchiesta interna alla polizia di stato. Fatti così gravi, e che
compromettono così pesantemente la credibilità delle istituzioni, non
possono accadere senza una forte reazione da parte degli organismi

Genova, 25 gennaio 2007

Comitato Verita e Giustizia per Genova
Lorenzo Guadagnucci 3803906573
Enrica Bartesaghi 3355681314

Toscana Massonica

Good news. Diaz judge rules for the prosecution.

26.01.2007 02:25

Presidente Barone, the Diaz judge has ruled for the prosecution and for the plaintiffs in an official statement read this thursday morning, 25/ 01/ 2007.

The original identification in 2002, the photos and evidence tags are enough for the trial to proceed. Since neither side is disputed that they did actually exist and it was not the fault of the plaintiffs that key evidence has been destroyed, the judge had no alternative but to rule for the Diaz victims.

Furthermore, the police have now officially stated that the molotov evidence has been destroyed. this act should invalidate any appeal launched by the defendants on the issue of this evidence.

If you can understand italian, this should be great viewing.

more later.