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Craig Murray: Torture and The "War on Terror"

Chris | 16.01.2007 10:35 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression | Terror War | Sheffield | World

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan speaks of the shocking torture and the knowingly false intelligence produced in the so called "War on Terror".

Craig Murray, once privileged career diplomat and ambassador now author of:

Murder in Samarkand - A British Ambassador's Controversial Defiance of Tyranny in the War on Terror. (see the review on Green Left weekly)

Murray tells of his experiences with the Uzbek dictatorship (our allies in the, gulp, "War on Terror") one tributary in the flood of false intelligence about "Al Qaeda" and the fanciful "global terror conspiracy" US and UK leaders are so fond of talking about.

The attached 25min recording of Craig Murray's speech on Torture and The "War on Terror" was recorded by the London Sound Posse at the Reclaim our Rights Conference, held on 6th December 2006 in London which was organised by CAMPACC (Campaign Against Criminalising Communities).

There is more from the London Sound Posse available on the a-Infos Radio Project site.

Other material on Indymedia by Craig Murray includes:

Craig Murray also has his own blog.

Essential listening related to this is Nafeez Ahmed's "INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM: THE SECRET HISTORY".

Other good sources of audio recording that cover the bogus "War on Terror" are Guns and Butter, Taking Aim and Unwelcome Guests



also: No to torture

16.01.2007 17:22

There is another audio recording from the Edinburgh Radical Bookfair at:


Partial transcript from 14 minutes in

30.01.2007 23:43

Eliza Manningham-Buller claims that there are 1,600 actual Islamic terrorists active in the UK. Not supporters, not sympathisers, not people prepared to give a bedroom or save haven, but people actually prepared to commit acts of violence. 1,600 active Islamic terrorists based on intelligence. Is it true? No, total bollocks. That would be 30 times the level of active participants in violence from the Northern Irish community at the height of the Troubles. It's just a number. It's about 1 in 400 of adult male Muslims in this country. It's a number which anyone with a security background knows is bollocks, basically. But it's "operationally useful", form their intelligence, because it's useful to scare people, to put more fear into society, to do more to alienate the Muslim community from the British public, to stir up Islamophobia, to justify. And remember she made this a week before the Queen's speech, to justify John Reid -who looks more like Mussolini every time I see him- in proposing yet more and more of the kind of draconian legislation that removes civil rights in this country. When you hear it's based on intelligence, one thing I want to leave you with: remember that intelligence almost certainly came from someone screaming in agony in a torture cell in a Uzbekistan, in Pakistan, in Algeria, in Egypt, in Sierra Leone, in Morocco, in Diego Garcia, in Guantanamo Bay, in Abu Grhaib, in Poland, in Sri Lanka, in one of many, many locations around the world.