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sunday times leaks info about new anti-war exhibition at tate britain

rikki | 14.01.2007 12:35 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

a press release tomorrow will reveal the exact nature of marc wallinger's new installation at the duveen gallery, tate britain. meanwhile the organisers are angry at a leak to the sunday times which was published this morning under the title 'tate puts artistic bomb under blair.

Tate puts artistic bomb under Blair
Olivia Cole

THE Tate gallery, once at the heart of the cool Britannia movement, has turned on Tony Blair over the Iraq war.
Sir Nicholas Serota, the gallery’s director, has given the go-ahead for an installation that mounts a strident attack on the government’s foreign policy and its attempts to curb freedom of speech.........


the whole article can be found at,,2087-2546262.html, but if you'd rather not be seen lurking at a murdoch press site then check indymedia tomorrow for full details, background, and some photographs from this challenging exhibition.

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