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Crucial petition on People living with Autism/NeuroDiversity basic human rights

Colin Revell | 12.01.2007 13:01 | Culture | Health | Social Struggles | World

Can I ask all my friends and allies within Indymedia and other networks, to follow Larry Arnold, myself and others within the 'NeuroDiversity' movement to sign this petition... Larry has educated me in why 'you' should follow him, others and myself in signing this petition...... Larry said..... see below....


Yes the petition is being put forward by ND's if you read it carefully you will see the point, which is to get scientists to reconceptualise how they see autism, not as a curable medical disorder but a neuro diverse way of being.

What research is needed is research that invalidates some of the crackpot theries and bogus snake oil cures like chelation......


Yep if you care about research and want to divert the eugenic agenda of the delusionary folk who were behind this act and there anti vaccination, blame it all on mercury fanaticism you had better take a look at an sign this petition.

If you care about the direction of reserch and social responsibility you had better take a look and sing this petition

'We' have. ( Larry Arnold and Colin Revell)

The US govt is open to feedback on its policies to be developed post the "Combatting Autism Act" which was recently voted in (I think without any opposition). The US National Institute of Health will control the direction of research for huge amounts of funding in coming years in the US. What they decide is also likely to affect policy making in other countries. The petition linked to here

is, roughly speaking, about trying to stop research agendas (and hence interpretations) being distorted by negative assumptions (aka prejudices) about the capacities and potential of autistic people.

You may sign the petition even if you are not a US citizen, since its implications are worldwide, and the signatures will I believe be sorted by country of signer. I believe the deadline for feedback is Jan 17th The petition was put up very recently, its author realising that something should happen quickly because of the deadline. Those of you who are US citizens, you can also write about this personally. There is some guidance about doing that, along with more about the petition

- please do spread the word about this to anyone you think might sign



Colin Revell
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