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False Flag Operations and Make-Believe Bogymen

Cornelius Boss | 03.01.2007 19:17 | Anti-racism | Globalisation | Social Struggles

War is a racket. The people don’t –of course- want war. It takes false flag operations and make-believe bogyman enemies to get the masses to accept war. The USA has wasted 21 trillion dollars since 1945 on military buildups to fight enemies that don't exist

I'm sending a copy of this letter to everybody I know .Even though I'm
confident all will agree with its substance. As we hear from time to time,
give two rational people the same facts and they will come to the same

"Terrorist", "terror", and "terrorism", they are the defining buzz
words for this present day-the Shibboleths of an obscene drive for
empire by the United States of America. Any clear-stiltedness as
to the meaning of any or all of these three words has eroded away
in America during this post "9--11" era.

If we study history what we've seen repeated over and again is the
pattern shown by the Algerians,the Palestinians,and the Irish Catholics.
When a group of people is faced with an imperialist occupier with a
vastly superior and overpowering military, "fighting back" or "blowback"
(the CIA term)by the oppressed group usually has to come in the form of
asymmetric guerrilla tactics such as car bombings,suicide bombings, and
remotely triggered explosive devices - admittedly almost always against
civilians.During our entire lives there hasn't been over 700 to maybe 1500
people killed by genuine terrorism such as a planted bomb at a cafe going
off during a lunch hour rush,or a school bus being bombed.

Bottom line, an individual isn't a terrorist until that individual has committed
an act of terrorism."Terror" and "terrorism" are meaningless racist xenophobic
ethnocidal buzz words when they flow from the Zionist controlled, corporate
controlled media which is an un-elected de facto 4th branch of government here
in this country. "Islamo-Fascists","Islamic Fundamentalist"," Radical Islamist"
or "Jehadists" have become silly right wing talking point xenophobic/racist code
word designations implying non-Caucasian inferiority or even sub-human
criminality. Small wonder so many craven sheeple brainwashed lemming-like
Americans equate 26.4% of this earth's population with "terrorist".

A commando raid on a military facility is not!!!!! terrorism .Valley
Forge was not terrorism. Fort Sumter was not terrorism. The attack
on the USS Cole was not terrorism. True, there have been stagey
blood-and-thunder simulated/synthetic terror incidents such as Oklahoma
City: 5-19-95, NY/DC: 9-11-01, Madrid: 3-11-04, London: 7-7-05,and Amman
Jordan: 11-9-05 , all pulled off by western intelligence agencies and their
tentacles ,and- with the exception of Oklahoma City - blamed on Muslim patsies.

Way on the other hand, every 5 seconds somewhere someone starves
to death amidst the immense wealth and resources that surround them
and where there is plenty food, but are unable to afford it because
of the almost immeasurable horrors of free market capitalism .By
rights, we need a war on free market capitalism ,not this nonsense
xenophobic, racist so called "War on Terror".

The events of Sept.11, 2001 were catalysts that spurred up this parallel
universe in which most Americans now live. "9--11" triggered the hysteria
needed for Americans to get themselves flimflammed into accepting endless
war against Muslims and Arabs, a "war" combating threats that don't exist!!
"9--11" was but a phony as a $3.00 bill,on the cheap dramatization.It was
micro weaponry entomopter cluster/formations in N.Y.The perps bastardized the
WABC feed ,the only feed we saw early on -mind you-using PROMIS progeny software with CGI blue screenuploads of "cartoon" computer generated images of Boeing 767s in NY.It was a cruise missile- or no telling what - in DC.There were no Arabs. Nothing was hijacked,and nobody flew anything into any buildings."9--11" was America's Operation Canned Goods (Hitler)....Goggle that...Soon,everyone will have abandoned the absurd 19 Arab hijacker fable.

The earliest calls to emergency dispatchers (and they've been released due to the
freedom of information act) and the like reflect that the first witnesses were
saying that it was a helicopter accident at the North Tower WTC.Early transcripts
prove that only CNN Vice president Vice President Sean Murtagh mentioned anything about a plane that he-against all laws of optics and geometry –claims to have seen from his office three miles from the WTC.Early on, TV announcers said that it was an explosion from inside the South Tower, but wert quickly overridden by TV fakery PROMIS progeny computer generated CGI upload “cartoon” images that bastardized the WABC feed the feed which CNN and other networks picked up. You should be very suspicious as to how the WABC camera crew came to be using the new 03/30 military Webscam system cameras that morning.The so-called still photos were obviously screen shots .Multiple rendering errors were made producing all the re-edits they showed us.Apply Occam's Razor to the fact that no hole larger than about 8x3 meters (far too small for a Boeing 767 for crying out loud) was created in the side of the South Tower that BushMob/FedGov are telling us was struck. A low contrast high brightness photo reveals that there are only three small holes.
(; it goes on and on and on and on and on. I could go on for four hours expounding on how utterly harebrained the official myth is.Every aspect of the official story of 9/11 is pure balderdash physics defying malarkey not worthy of any sane person's consideration.

The term "Al-Qaeda" had never been part of normal western vernacular
except between 1972 and 1982 as a nickname of sorts for Zbigniew
Brzezinski's computer data base of available patsy Golden Crescent
drug trade financed guerrilla trainees that assisted the Pakistani
ISI and the utterly criminal CIA in covert destabilizations in Afghanistan,
Bosnia, and Caucasus Chechnya. "Al-Qaeda" is a word resurrected
from the past by (as some have suggested) Richard Clark, George Tenet,
and Dick Cheney to be used as part of the "9--11" myth/fable/lie. There
is no evidence that any organization named "Al-Qaeda" exists independent
of Western intelligence agencies.

For crying out loud, there hasn't been a front line modern American
jet hijacked since the 1970s, and for a reason.Anti hijack mechanisms
have been in place since then .Although it's remotely possible in
theory to hijack an Airbus A340, a DC9 or a Folker 100, maybe even
a Boeing 737 or a Boeing 777. The Boeing 757, 767, 747, and 768
cannot!!!! be hijacked. Upon an attempted hijacking the big jet
would be taken over electronically from the ground and directed
to a military facility.

The Pentagon has its own air defense system .No aircraft can approach
that infamous five sided building of death in Northern Virginia
without an approved electronic footprint. Lacking a legitimate footprint,
the airborne object will be zeroed in on and shot down with heat
seeking missiles absent of human involvement.

We all need to understand the mechanism. The MI-6, Mossad, CIA
double and triple agents create the patsy rings or cells. The patsies
are kept in the dark as to the nature of the project/objective at hand.
The CIA, MI-6, MI-5, et al agents will wiretap themselves in order
to create false warnings and implicate the patsies. These western
intelligence agencies make good and sure that the patsies fly around,
get wiretapped, get video taped, email one another, use credit cards,
these kinds of things, by which the scapegoats by proxy create phony
paper trails, money trails etc. All this in time seals the Patsies' doom.
Bogus torture induced confessions are matter-of-course.At what point in
time do Americans in mass get it through their thick skulls that western
intelligence agencies hardly ever actually gather any real intelligence?
Their role is to create false warnings to serve empire.

More often than not, the false flag operation is pulled off under
the cover of training exercises. Examples are: 9-11- 01 (Amalgam
Virgo, Vigilant Guardian, Northern Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Tripod
II - 15 in all); London:7-7-05 ( Topoff-3 ).The MI-6, Mossad, MI-5,
FBI, CIA et al agents will blow up something and kill innocent people.
Patsies get the blame. That's what the patsies are for. Most Americans
believe the lies, or are gatekeepers or even pseudo-left gatekeepers
against the truths about the false flag ruses that are being played
on us becoming omphali of public perusal.

Certainly one of the more astonishing quotes by a major US political
figure in recent years is this one:

If the American people ever knew the whole story about Iran Contra,
we Bushes would be chased down the streets and lynched.

~ George Herbert Walker Bush

What goes 500 fold when compared to Iran Contra is the absurd "9--11"
myth. If the American people knew the whole story about "9--11"
there would be 30,000,000 Americans gathered around the Mall in
Washington, DC at this very moment they, demanding trials in the
mold of Nuremburg 1945 of the guilty among BushMob/FedGov and the
U.S. mainstream media. There will be no Republican party in 2008.Mark
my word. The whole story about "9--11" will be known by then. Our
duty is to lay the ground work for exposing the phoniness of that
preposterous 19 Arab hijacker physics and thermodynamics defying
nonsense myth and avoid in any way acting as gatekeepers protecting
what is an obvious set of lies.

The "9--11" truth movement is just that- a movement. Critical mass
will be reached in this movement's development as soon as an ample
number of Americans reject notions such as a 757 passing through
cable spools without even as much as knocking them over, or that
an 8:42 AM weekday trans- continental flight would only have 44
passengers, or that buildings crumble and fall in perfect controlled
like implosions five hours after the fact because of a fire in a
couple of areas (building#7). A full length big screen theatre version
of Loose Change will be hitting the theaters next summer. It's curtains
for the absurd "9--11" myth. Soon, only a few flat earth wackos
will still support the official version.

If Iraq had had nuclear weapons we wouldn't have attacked them .Six
hundred fifty five thousand Iraqis now dead would still be alive.Myriads
would not be displaced. Many of our young men that are now dead or
wounded wouldn't be. We wouldn't be spending $2,000,000,000 a week
killing innocent women and children and poisoning the soil, surface water,
and water tables of Mesopotamia with depleted uranium salts.
I wish to God Iran already had a nuclear arsenal. The U.S. only respects
nations that do. And what's more, the U.S. imperialist, militarist,
hegemonic beast and its ally Japan with an endless military buildup,
military exercises, weapons tests in the Far East, accompanied by
constant threats and inhumane economic sanctions have forced North
Korea to get more serious about its own fledgling nuclear weapons
capabilities. I don't see how anyone can criticize the North Korean
leadership for fostering their nation's nuclear capabilities. Nations are
literally held hostage on this earth with this out of control U.S.militarist
imperialist jingoistically crazed belligerent dystopian rogue superpower
beast hypnotized by its own Manichean world vision and delusions of
superiority and persisting in all this bereft of the slightest bent toward
complying with any existing standards of behavior as far as being part
of any global community .Political scientists apply here the term "American
Exceptionalism". Loose translation-the US thinks it has a license to kill
and steal with impunity.

We are in Iraq for the same reason that we were in Hawaii, Cuba,
the Philippines , Iran (1953), Chile, Guatemala, Panama (which we
stole from Columbia), Nicaragua, Ecuador, et al.We are there to
pirate and pillage the resources of Iraq on behalf of global capitalists ,
criminal banking oligarchs , and Trilateralism following a campaign of
demonizing lies against Iraq's head of State- nothing new. We're also
there to tap into the kind of money laundering opportunities that only a
war can present.A good $28 billion plus is missing so far. The US has
done these kinds of things unchallenged since 1893.

Abu Musab al Zarqawi is fiction.''Zarqawi'' is a Pentagon psyop code
name and nothing more. He never lived. He never died.

The country is governed for the richest, for the corporations, the
bankers, the land speculators, and for the exploiters of labor.

~ Helen Keller, 1911

She couldn't see. She couldn't hear.But she knew what kind of country
she was living in.

Oh, and by the way, Viva Chavez!!

Cornelius Boss
- e-mail:


The Power of Nightmares DVD

03.01.2007 19:48

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

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