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FOR THE LOVE OF BRAD (In 2 Parts) Videos and One Poem

Warcry Cinema | 27.12.2006 20:44 | Oaxaca Uprising | Indymedia | Repression | World

2 Videos and One Poem By Brad's friend and colleague.

Poem for Brad
Poem for Brad

I made this video and wrote this poem to honor the life of my dear beloved friend, Brad Will. Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives, with every last drop of passion, like Brad did. His love, laughter and joy are as much a part of his legacy as the courage and dedication he showed in his work. He has left this earthly plane, as we all will someday, but he has not left our hearts.

Please click on link to see videos and read poem. Select Format as Quicktime, and then click on Full Screen. Set your volume to high.

For the Love of Brad, Part One (You Are My Sunshine) is 6 min. Part Two (Brad speaking, laughing, and singing) is 25 minutes.

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