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Inanity for Xmas

finch | 25.12.2006 05:41 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | World

The arch-conservative Anglican Dean of Sydney's St. Andrews Cathedral, Phil Jensen, has delivered a Christmas message worthy of the most mindless, inane comment that the infamous neo-con war monger and lunatic Donald “uknown knowns” Rumsfeld could have delivered. The Dean stated that “Christmas is about God giving, that God gave the gift of God and the gift of God, is God," (!) Those Australians who imagined that mindless, unqualified statements only issued from American neo-cons be advised, conservative pro-American Evangelicals are alive and very ‘unwell’ in conservative Anglican Sydney.

The world is acutely aware of the real nature and politics of right wing Evangelical conservatives; to date the Bush, Blair and Howard coalition of willing criminals have the blood of 670,000 innocent Iraqis to their ‘credit’. It is little wonder that congregations led by conservative buffoons are dwindling. The REAL undeniable message of conservative supporters of Bush and Howard is MURDER and PLUNDER – the most cursory investigation of these religious groups reveal their real religion as HYPOCRISY. [A message to oppose war would have been more appropriate to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, don’t you think, Phil?]

Australians wait with baited breath to hear the Xmas message from the Catholic Cardinal, George Pell; we can only hope that his message displays a modicum of intelligence in this troubled world. But with the blood of hundreds of millions of native South American Indians on the hands of the Catholic Church, we are not optimistic. The ugly face of hypocritical Christianity is now challenging the most pathological denialists. The world is fast becoming disillusioned with the constant lies and flagrant hypocrisy of Christian clergymen. Christianity and the related Abrahamic religions of Islam and Judaism are no longer able to hide their real face from the people – it is the face of murder, avarice, mayhem, millennialism and nihilism.

The REAL diabolical God behind these three religions is well known to all.

On this day and every other day under the sun we wish you the Peace and boundless Joy that Life (without religion) offers.

We are ONE.


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  1. This is a Christmas message worth watching — Patrick Chalmers