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Activenet play at Faslane

Christopher Chicken | 22.12.2006 15:48 | Faslane | Culture | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

The funky peeps from the Midlands travelled up to the abomination at Faslane near Glasgow to be silly in pursuit of a better world.

Here's a link the the the the exciting film....

Love and fluff.xx

Christopher Chicken


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22.12.2006 16:36

Go on, write a bit more about it. This is supposed to be an article, no? Just linking to YouTube is not what Indymedia is about. Be creative and write (something original) !

Indymedia Veteran


24.12.2006 18:36

it was posted by a person who probably only just had the time to finish making the video and upload it and not to write articles about it.
if you had put in the same time to researching the action as you did to writing the comment you would have found several articles at

mind you i was at the action and couldve written a short article instead of this snide comment
hohum contradictions are de spice of life innit
diy veteran

diy veteran