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asbo solstice celebration - all day community party 22:12:2006

asbo crew | 13.12.2006 16:53 | Free Spaces | Sheffield

To celebrate our DIY community roots and the shortest day of the year, (from here on in we’re moving onwards and upwards into the light;) we are having a day of workshops, bands, soundsystems, food, performance, subversion, films, projections, dancing…….in and around the asbo.

highlights include:- art and craft, percussion and unicycling workshops, radikal bass soundclash, many local and not so local bands, performance poetry, streetparty, performers…….bring what you want to find

there will also be a bar, a juice bar, a multifaceted peoples souper kitchen and all yer favourite craziness.

want to get involved? have an idea you think might work? please get in touch. your help support and input is both welcome and neccessary call round to the asbo anytime (wednesdays or saturdays are especially good) or call matt 07849 208143 after the 16th.

looking forward to seeing you there, innit?

asbo crew
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  2. working it out — asbo crew
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