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Puppet leadership in Western ‘Democracies’

nano | 13.12.2006 04:02 | Analysis | Globalisation | Other Press | Repression | World

Corporate power and rulership in western societies is complete, governments either conform to corporate dictates or are quickly replaced by compliant political alternatives. The management of information via the monopolised mass media and the complete domination of the economy maintain and sustain corporate supremacy. The masses suffer increased subjection (debt slavery) and vulnerability (limited options) as a result of decreased representation by governments. Corporate rule has reduced the real status of the public to servility and subservience, not dissimilar to the ancient Roman model of kept house-slaves. The belief that Roman slaves were constantly maltreated is based on erroneous images (whipped galley-slaves) that Hollywood and the entertainment industry have popularised. Ancient Roman slaves lived in basic but tolerable conditions, similar (in relative terms) to the servile masses of today.

Corporate ruled Australia is a good example of a slave society in action. The recent change of leadership in the alternative government, Labor (opposition) Party, has been marked by a dramatic change of attack strategies by its new leader. After ten years in office the Prime Minister, John Howard, is now very familiar to the Australian public; he is known as the most reprehensible liar and coward in Australian political history. His credentials range from racist (immigration and divisive social policies) destruction of traditional Australian values (IR) to war criminal (member of the criminal coalition of Iraq invaders).

Howard is also known as a pathological ‘blame layer’ and a complete failure in his responsibility to Australian citizens in need of government assistance – David Hicks, five years illegal detention in Guantanamo Bay without trial! Howard’s servility to the corporate sector is matched only by his total surrender to a foreign power. Howard is a ‘leader’ like no other in history, he has donated the nation to neo-colonial America without a fight! Many brave Australians have died defending this nation but the no identity/entity, Howard, has made a gift of it to the criminal Bush regime – two huge U.S. military bases are presently under construction in the far north, no military takeover necessary, thank you very much!

In any real democratic system Howard would be a political opponent’s dream target. Any opposition leader with a modicum of political ability and integrity could easily demand that Howard answer for his war crimes, deception and other flagrantly dishonest acts, which are too numerous to enumerate but begin with the balaclava masked, doberman attack dog squads of thugs hired to attack waterfront workers and smash unions. The unspeakable human tragedy of Howard’s Iraq involvement, including hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths, is merely an extension of the ideology witnessed on the Australian waterfront. Every politician is fair game but Howard is a gift, his record is indefensible.

It is no surprise to professionals and analysts in Corporate controlled Australia, but few citizens are able to understand why the pressure has been lifted off the issues that would destroy Howard – perhaps the criminal involvement of the Corporate sector may have ‘some’ bearing on the matter!

Prior to becoming opposition leader, Kevin Rudd, targeted his opponent with valid accusations, which included broadsides on Howard’s lack of integrity, his pathological lying, failure to uphold traditional Australian values and dereliction of his responsibilities to citizens abroad in need of assistance. However, since his successful bid to the leadership of the opposition party, Rudd’s tune has changed. We no longer witness the many pointed attacks on the lying criminal that leads Australia. The focus has shifted from Howard’s lies and criminal offences, particularly war crimes, to softer more palatable issues like long term “visions”, climate change, environment, health (standard fare in other words). Focus has shifted away from issues that would also implicate the criminal Corporate sector – is anyone surprised?

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