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UK Week Of Action For Oaxaca - 9th-17th December 06.

UK Network of UK Zapatista Solidarity Groups | 05.12.2006 20:30 | Oaxaca Uprising | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London | World


The network of UK Zapatista solidarity groups is calling for a national week of action, awareness raising, protest and fundraising in support of the people's struggle in Oaxaca, Mexico.

- We demand the immediate withdrawal of all Police and Army from Oaxaca City and the release (alive) of the political prisoners of Oaxaca and Atenco.

- We condemn the violence of the state and paramilitaries, the detentions, assasinations, disapearences and torture.

- We express our solidarity and full support to all the rebel people of Oaxaca who do not want to take power but instead wish to create an alternative to capitalism from is from below and to the left.

With these aims in mind we call for a UK-wide week of actions, protest, raising of awareness and fundraising in support of the people's struggle in Oaxaca. We need to do all we can to show that they do not stand alone.

Contact details of the various groups taking part are below. Details of specific events will be anounced on but if you want to take part or organise your own action/event let us know or send a report afterwards to ragecollective[at] .

The struggle in Oaxaca urgently needs financial support; laptops and video cameras to document abuses, walkie-talkies for the barricades and food and medicines to stay alive and independent media and human rights organisations monitoring the situation also need support. If you can do some fundraising or want to make a donation please contact

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group - edinchiapas[at]
Rage Collective (Reading) - ragecollective[at]
Liverpool Chiapas Solidarity Group - zapatismo[at]
Zap06 (London) - zap06[at]
Glasgow Zapatista Solidarity Group - glasgowzapatistas[at]
Kiptik (Bristol) - kiptik[at]
Manchester Chiapas Solidarity Group - zapama[at]

UK Network of UK Zapatista Solidarity Groups