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battle for broadway market dvd's available now

haggy | 02.12.2006 20:39 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

dvd's of films about the occupation of a cafe in broadway market, hackney are available now. the occupation of tony's cafe and the ongoing campaign in support of Spirit's Nutritious Food Gallery was an international cause celebre this time last year (ie 2005), and continues...

DVDs of the films ‘The Battle for Broadway Market’ by
Emily James and ‘5 ½ roofs’ by Sepp Brudermann are available now.
the proceeds will all go towards paying Spirit’s rent
arrears for December and January?

The DVDs will be ready by Friday this week (ie now) and
available @ £8 and £6 respectively, if you buy direct from Spirit's shop in Broadway Market, Hackney.

To order copies by post, please send cheques (payable to L. G.
Grant) to:- The Spirit of Broadway Market, 71
Broadway Market, London E8 4PH

£9 for ‘The Battle of Broadway Market - including
£7 for ‘5 ½ roofs’ - including P&P
£14 for both DVDs - including P&P

both films are quality productions. '5 1/2 roofs' is a film about squatting and features b'way mkt in the final section. 'the battle for b'way mkt' is the definitive record of the occupation and campaign. essential purchase for those who wish to be inspired by what local people can achieve when confronted by gentrification and corrupt local authorities...

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