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Fort Pannerden-The Netherlands

Kraaker | 28.11.2006 14:02 | Free Spaces | World

Squatted Fort in the Netherlands resquatted!

Fort Pannerden a squatted fort in the Netherlands near Nijmergen and Dornerburg has been resquatted.
It was evicted with the help of the Dutch military for the reason of "uninhabitability", strange because the local council then proceeded to move in an anti-squatter.
The squatters of Fort Pannerden have the total support of the people of Dornerburg and encourage people to enter and are given tours and information about the fort.
This is a dialogue of the resquatting action;
November 25th 2006 at 21.15h Fort pannerden was resquated by a group of about 80 squaters from all over the Netherlands. Tuesday 7 and wednesday 8 november it was evicted by the police helped by the army. The official reason for the eviction was "uninhabitability" which is rather strange since the local counsel is planning to house "anti-squaters" in the building.

Fort Pannerden was squated june 25th 2000. The occupants repaired and maintained the building. They cared for the nature reserve in which the fort is situated and opened it up for visitors and organised small scale activities.

21.15h: Fort Pannerden is back into the hands of the squaters. A small group went ahead to asses the situation, soon more squaters (about 80) arrived. There are people inside and the entrance is being barricaded. there are still people ariving.
The three security guards present have left head over heels. a couple of neighbours came to look what was happening and have no problems with the return of the squaters. There is no police sighted.

21.46h: Two policeman arived at the beginning of the dike leading to the Fort. They were not amused at all. A fotographer was told to immediately stop taking pictures. There are about 25 people at the dike and about 60-70 people inside barricading some more. The two policeman won't get past the 25 people, so they have no idea what has happened inside. There are still more neighbours ariving to look form a distance.

22.19h: A second police car arived and left. The two policeman who were first at the scene have callmed down a bit and are now walking through the fields, but they are not getting close to the Fort. There is a baricade made up out of pallets and a caravan at the beginning of the dike, so you can't acces the "driveway" to the Fort with a car. a second fence is erected in front of the drawbridge. There is a barrel with fire on the roof as a beakon to let the neighbourhood know the squaters are back "home". The spirits are high. An occupant said to the police: "We're back in and there is nothing you can do about it, if you want us out, you'll have to call the army again." The corporate press has also arived.

22.32h: The drawbridge is in service again and was immediately raised. Spirits are excited. The squaters are sounding the sirens.

22.42h: Two other police cars arived, they are standing a bit further away and are whatching things. It doesn't look like they are planing to do more then keeping a close eye on things.

23.23h: More corporate media is ariving. The neighbours have discussed amongst themselves and have made up their minds about the resquating. They don't want another military eviction as earlier this month. They are intending to demand the counsil to open a normal dialogue with the squaters.
The belongings of the people who were evicted some weeks ago are all still in the Fort, opened, searched and trashed. In contrary to what the local counsil has said the belonings are not carrefully handled and it was not intended at all to return the belonging. They would probbaly have been thrown away soon.

1.10h: More police is ariving. They are around the corner, a bit in hiding. The police judges the first barrikade to be a problem, since it is placed on public road. More corporate media is arriving, they are given a tour around the Fort at the moment. There are still neighbours pressent, although some of them have returned home.

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