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Buy Nothing Day: Report

big fluff | 26.11.2006 11:12 | Culture | Globalisation

Saturday, 25th November 06: Buy Nothing Day, a day where you challenge yourself, friends and family to switch off from shopping and tune into life. This is how a group of colourful happy people celebrated Buy Nothing Day in Manchester UK.

banner floating
banner floating

Rhythms of Resistance Manchester, Aliens, singers and their lovely friends took over the city in a colourful celebration of Buy Nothing Day , that included:

A FREE MARKET with lots of books, clothes, tapes, dvds and toys. All for people to take away (free) to promote re-using items rather than binning and re-buying.

FLYERS: Aliens, sambistas, singers and students gave out flyers with information on Buy Nothing Day and reusing and recycling. Awareness was also raised regarding ethical shopping, asking people to think about the environmental damages that products may result to.

SAMBA: the samba band, Rhythms of Resistance Manchester, entertained hundreds of people with samba encouraging them to “Stop Buying Start Dancing”. The band was joined by singers and poets too! The sambistas entered the Triangle Shopping Centre, with a banner and flyers and full samba swing. The acoustics were great and the band sounded excellent – the security guards though pushed the sambistas out. The sambistas re-entered through the other door in clowning fluffy loving style. The tough security guards were liberated with samba rhythms, as they smiled to the fun of RORM!

GAMES: games were played in the shopping centres, reclaiming the space from a mad buying zombie area to a space of friendships, fun and positivity.The games engaged young people and shoppers too!

BANNER FLOAT (the action which was also known in code: “banner drops, they are so last year sweetie darling”!): A banner suspended by 28 helium balloons was released next to the Christmas tree in the Arndale Shopping Centre. The banner which simply stated “Buy Nothing Day” was admired by hundreds turning the shopping centre in a beautiful space! The banner float was accompanied by more flyering.

In summary it was a beautiful day… and remember kids:
Think ...
Only 20% of the world population are consuming over 80% of the earth’s natural resources causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage and distribution of wealth.
Buy locally sourced fresh organic produce
Say No to animal tested products
Fewer air miles – Stop Climate Change
Buy environmentally and ethically sound products.
Re-use and recycling.

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26.11.2006 11:34


stall and samba banner
stall and samba banner

another BND banner
another BND banner


here are a few pics :-)