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Bath Buy Nothing Day

(A) Sab x | 25.11.2006 22:54

Bath activists took to the streets on friday to celebrate 'buy nothing day'

On Friday, six members of Bath Activist Network visited some of the biggest, badest chain stores in Bath and hid anti-consumerist letters in books/items of clothing/crappy Xmas tack. The letters encouraged consumers to consider where their products were made, who made them and the environmental impact of making and transporting them. Consumers were also asked to consider what we could do with the spare time we would gain if we forsook recreational shopping and 40 hour working weeks. Several hundred leaflets were hidden in Gap, Disney store, waterstones, FCUK and loads of other shops in the town centre. The text of the leaflet should be up on the B.A.N website in the next couple of days.

(A) Sab x
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