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Liverpool Friends of Palestine Calls For Extra Support at Vigil

Liverpool Friends of Palestine | 25.11.2006 19:07 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Palestine | Liverpool

*Our monthly vigil will take place on Saturday the 2nd of December at the
steps of St. Luke's Church top of **Bold Street** . **12-00 till 2** -00pm*

*But due to recent events in Gaza I would like to encourage each and every
one of you to come along and join us that day.*

* we need to make our voices heard.*

*we need to make our presence seen.*

*and we need to make our protest known. *

* if our numbers were big enough we will attract people's attention and
maybe even make it to the media. *

*we are hoping to fill the steps of the church with at least a hundred
people, please help us achieve this. YOU CAN DO IT*

*and please feel free to bring your own message of support or protest.*

*there will be protests all over the world that day, so:*

*let us demand sanctions and boycott of the occupiers*

*let us give a message of support for those besieged in Gaza and in
Palestine. *

*let us send them a letter of hope*

*let us tell them that we care*

*our world can only be what we make it to be*


*Please join us even if only for half an hour. *


Liverpool Friends of Palestine


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