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Peace Tax Protester in Wirral Magistrates Court

Peaced Off | 25.11.2006 19:04 | Anti-militarism | Liverpool

Ten percent of our taxes are spent on weapons and war. There are a growing number of people protesting by withholding this 10%, arguing that we are conscripted through our taxes. The Peace Tax Seven are taking a case to the European Court, whilst others continue to protest, withhold payment and raise awareness.

Lis Davidson has been withholding her 10% for the last 3 years, paying up only when threatened by bailiffs. Many of you will have joined her previously in demonstrations outside the tax office In Liverpool City Centre.

Lis has now been summonsed to the Wirral Magistrates Court to pay a withheld sum of interest. She feels it important to argue her case in court and raise further publicity, so would appreciate having a group of supporters protesting outside the court.

Please join her outside:
Wirral Magistrates' Court, The Sessions Court, Chester Street, Birkenhead, Wirral. CH41 5HW
on Thursday 7th Dec at 12.45pm,
ready for her case being called at 1.30pm.

Wirral Magistrates Court map

On previous protests, we have had bloody banners and a drain down which we poured ‘Conscience’ money. We have designed a simple image for a placard, available if you email us on …. Or design your own protest piece and bring it along.

For further info contact:
Lis Davidson on……..
conscience, The Peace Tax Campaign,
The Peace Tax Seven ,

Peaced Off