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Faslane 365 Blockades

IMC Leeds Bradford | 21.11.2006 11:59 | Faslane

Over 50 Anti Nuclear protesters from Leeds and Bradford took part in a mass blockade of the Faslane Nuclear Naval Base in Scotland last week. Twenty seven of the protesters were arrested for their role in the blockade, which included 'locking on' to a giant peace symbol outside the main gates of the base.

A group of women were also arrested after successfully blocking the second gate of the base. They were dressed as lollipop ladies and carried 'Stop Trident' signs.

Protesters managed to cause disruption to traffic trying to enter the base for almost an hour whilst police removed protesters lying in the road and used cutting equipment to remove the 'lock ons'.

The blockade was part of 'Faslane 365', a year-long campaign set up to oppose the existence of Trident, the British nuclear submarine programme and to oppose the introduction of any replacement to Trident.

See also: Eye-witness account Press release Faslane 365 website.

IMC Leeds Bradford


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The triumph of Clonespeak

21.11.2006 16:14

“What does it say about our society that personal sacrifices to go to war to kill people in war are praised, while personal sacrifices for peace are condemned? What does it say that intentional destruction of cities and communities and families and individuals are considered totally legal, while actions trying to dismantle weapons of mass destruction send people to prison?”

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